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Biden announces plan to start global distribution of Covid-19 vaccines, but is it to late?

The Biden-Harris administration has recently announced their plan to distribute millions of Covid-19 vaccines on a global level. Putting him behind both China and Russia

According to an article written on May 18, 2021, both Russia and China had already made deals to send 600 million doses each to struggling nations as President Biden has focused more on vaccinating the citizens of his own country first. Other nations seem to have used this opening to assert their own political influence farther West.

Taiwan's foreign minister, Joseph Wu has come forward recently with accusations that China is using its "vaccine diplomacy" to further create a division in South and Central America, giving China a chance to wield its political influence into the West. By sending vaccines and other pandemic aide to to countries "that are willing to accept political partnership with Beijing," and partially to put pressure on Taiwan.

Perhaps that is why, in a resent statement, President Biden said, "we are sharing these doses not to secure favors or extract concessions. We are sharing these vaccines to save lives and to lead the world in bringing an end to the pandemic, with the power of our example and with our values." The Biden-Harris also released a plan for the first 25 million doses that will be sent out. Consisting of a combination of the three FDA approved vaccines, with a majority of the shots going through the WHO led system COVAX, to provide equitable assistance.

Latin America has been promised 6 million doses, 7 million will go to South and Southeast Asia, while Africa will receive around 5 million. The remaining 6 million, according to Biden, will go to those countries that are "experiencing surges, those in crisis, and other partners and neighbors, including Canada, Mexico, India, and the Republic of Korea."

In May the Biden administration promised 80 million vaccines would be sent out globally, and have previously stated they would be sending 60 million AstraZeneca doses, which will be the first time that they would draw from a pool that has regulatory approval, but has not received FDA Emergency Use Authorization in the United States.

This past weekend a Bipartisan group of Senators made a trip to Taiwan and promised the delivery of 750,00 doses of Covid-19 vaccines. Showing the world, not only, that the Untied States stands with Taiwan, but that our government can still achieve bipartisanship agreement. While, President Biden in his first official trip overseas, announced to the G7 summit that United States has purchased 500 million doses that will be donated to over 90 low to lower-middle income countries. Which will be split into two deliveries, with the first 200 million doses to be delivered this year, and the remaining 300 million delivered in 2022. But is it to little too late? Did Biden's America first policy help China secure political influence in the Western hemisphere?

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